Friday, June 24, 2016

The Legacy Run - Now Available

“The Legacy Run”

Unconventional trainer and charming reporter discover a natural talent to protect athletes while investigating sport related crime.


Dabs is a sinewy and mysterious former rugby player who coaches and trains athletes and teams with unusual techniques. Dani is a sport journalist and reporter. Dabs invites Dani to join him on one of his "sport missions". He has to follow and motivate Marco Casale, a famous cross country runner whose coach has sent him to Croatia to recharge body and mind. A frightening and dark figure follows Marco's training sessions in Opatija. The investigations center on the futuristic water polo arena of Kantrida and Rijeka seaside with its cliffs and peaks. The end result of is that Dabs proposes to Dani that they form a new company to do what they have done so well here - to start an agency to protect athletes, and to investigate when there is danger of some kind. It is both a mix of procedural crime drama and visceral, real sports action.

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