Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Hitler Youth

My Hitler Youth - NLN's newest program

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Monday, January 29, 2007

New Title: My Hitler Youth

New program from NLNtv.com

My Hitler Youth - distributed by NLN - family friendly TV programming

Try to imagine what it would be like to grow up in Nazi Germany, to want to join the Hitler Youth...

To have your father fight and be killed for the Third Reich...

Try to image harboring feelings of shame and guilt throughout your life due to your
German heritage...

This is the story of this powerful documentary.

With in-depth stories of three individuals, two of whom are now US citizens.

Gerhard Geyer was 3 when WWII started. He shares his war time experiences of hunger, fear and death as well as his deep desire to join the Hitler Youth. He talks about his father's Nazi Party connections and the guilt he feels to this day about the Holocaust.

Ellen Cohen also was a small child in Hitler's Germany. She talks intensely about the devastation of war in Berlin and how she and her family spent years in an air raid shelter while illegally listening to the BBC. Ellen also shares stories of her mother's brave assistance to escaping Jews. And she talks from personal experience about important historical milestones, such as the surprise partitioning of Berlin and the subsequent construction of the Berlin Wall.

Hans Kotlenga had to move nine times during the war as a result of the destruction of his city. He missed joining the Hitler Youth because he had no permanent home address. Hans spent the war years hungry and without basic necessities, even shoes. His father died fighting for the Nazi cause. 50 percent of his classmates died during the war. He still lives in Germany.

None of the people interviewed in this documentary has ever spoken publicly about their war time experiences before now.

Distributed by NLNtv.com

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