Friday, November 16, 2007

Keaggy Bio with Romanian subtitles

Phil Keaggy has recently been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

This video is presented in celebration of that event. It was shot back in 1988.

Produced by EO

Romanian version: Alfa Omega Romania


Thursday, November 15, 2007

节目目录 - Some Chinese NLN Catalog Descriptions

节目目录 - Some Chinese NLN Catalog Descriptions

Science Adventures (18 Episodes)

科学探险 10分钟/18

These educational and entertaining videos are split up into 10 minute segments making them ideal for younger viewing audiences. Ages: 5-12

Flying on Wings of Beauty shows the magnificent, yet lightweight butterflies. On Machines of Beauty you will be mesmerized at the depiction of a seed bursting into a full-grown plant. In Somewhere Out There, the mysteries of the planets in our solar system will be explored through children’s eyes. The Long Journey follows along with the instincts of salmon as they fight all the odds to make their final journey home. Then explore the vital role our bloodstream plays in the sustenance of our bodies in Streams of Life. And, Life on the Move traces the pathway a tiny seed must travel if it can fulfill its destiny to become a mature plant.

Planet Earth

我们的家园地球 56分钟/1


Explore the beautiful blue jewel we know as our home. Discover miracles, found nowhere else in the solar system that are absolutely vital for our survival.

Animal Kingdom

动物王国 53分钟/1


Take an incredible journey through the animal kingdom from pond to field and wilderness.

Human Life

人类生命之旅 60分钟/1


Marvel at the miracle of the human experience including a look at our earliest moments.

Creation Discovery Series (3 Episodes)

发现地球 25分钟/3集 (儿童节目)


Children will learn all about plant life, geology, and ecology through songs, science games and memorable experiments.

Newton’s Workshop, 8 Episodes Science programs for Children

牛顿实验室 28分钟/8集 (儿童节目)

A collection of family oriented programs that help to answer with scientific principles those difficult questions children have about the world around them. Days of Creation, The Immune System, Animal Classification, The Solar System, Entomology, Cytology, Genetics, Ecology.


Chicken Soup, 13 Episodes for Children

鸡汤 15分钟/13集 (儿童节目)

13 part series starring Aad Peters and the St. Poppentheater of Holland deal with topics that are important to children with music and fun. Titles include: Sound Pollution; Friends; Sorry; In Love; Eggs and Hospitals and many more.


Quigley’s Village, 13 Episodes for Children

克伊格雷的村庄 22分钟/13集 (儿童节目)

Mr. Quigley and his lovable puppet friends bring songs and stories, while at the same time teaching children important values. Recommended for ages 2-7.


These and other titles available at

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

NLN Genre Screeners

New Genre related mini screeners available online:

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